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24/7 Locksmith Services in Atlanta, GA

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If you have a home, residence or business in Norcross then save Best Pro Locksmith of Atlanta GA. into your phone. We provide high quality locksmith services in Norcross, GA and surrounding areas. We offer the highest quality service with affordable rates. Best Pro Locksmith of Atlanta is available 24/7 for any Commercial locksmith needs and at affordable prices.

Best Pro Locksmith in Norcross offers full service, and high quality at affordable rates. We offer:

  • Master Key Systems
  • Re-Keys
  • New Locks
  • Professional Key Cutting Atlanta, GA
  • Damaged Lock Repair Atlanta, GA
  • Desk, File Cabinets and Door re-keys
  • Bump-Proof Locks
  • All Locks, Hardware and deadbolts
  • Safe Opening and Key Changes
  • Lock Replacement
  • and More!

Best Pro Locksmiths commercial locksmith technicians offer 24/7 emergency service assistance to your company on a round-the-clock basis. Anything your business needs, we can provide.

Call Now: (770) 626-7835

Locksmith Service Company Norcross

There are so many things that a locksmith is capable of doing, it is actually hard to believe that they have all of these skills. When you see them driving by in their truck, it is actually possible for these professionals to come to your house to provide so many different services. They are able to do key cutting, allowing them to make duplicates of any key that you own. This could be for your front door, backdoor, garage or even cabinets that you have inside of your home that need to be locked for safety reasons. They can also do locks that are on windows, and specialize in UPVC locks as well.

Locksmith Norcross

When a locksmith provides emergency services, they are typically the company that you call if you’re telling services not available. If you happen to be on the outskirts of town, or even in a remote location, as long as you have cellular service they will be able to find you and can be there sometimes within minutes after your call. If you use a regular key, they will be able to use a Slim Jim to get inside of your car. They also have the ability to work with remote and transponder keys and can install electronic access control systems as well.

Home Security Norcross

The topic of home security is a large one, especially in areas where crime rates are high. It is always a good idea to have some type of security system installed which may include using cameras, sensors on your windows and doors, and alarm systems that will not only make sound but will help you contact the authorities. Even if you purchase one of the security system that is at your local home improvement store, and you have absolutely no idea what to do, they will be able to take that system and install it, sometimes within an hour, allowing your family to be safe.

Security Lock Norcross

If you would like to have a security lock placed on the front door, backdoor, garage, or even a special locked on the inside of a room where you can take your family in case an intruder comes in, they are capable of installing these giving you access only if you have the key on the inside. They can also do this for computers, video projectors and desktop gaming consoles, or any other place that you can imagine. If your goal is to make sure that someone cannot get into a particular area of your house or office, these are the professionals that you will want to contact.

Panic Room Norcross

This is also referred to as a safe room, a fortified room that can be installed in a home, and also at your office. It is designed to provide a safe shelter, or simply a place where people can hide, in the event of a break in or disaster. These are useful if you live in areas where tornadoes are prevalent, allowing everyone to stay safe. They will have a built-in communication center so that people can find you, or that you can use to alert the authorities when you are hiding from a criminal outside.

Deadbolt Norcross

One of the best ways that you can prevent anyone from getting into your home is to install a deadbolt lock. These are made of very thick reinforced steel that will literally force anyone trying to get in to break through the door as they will not be able to open it. These can be installed on any door of your choice, although they are typically on the front and back doors. A locksmith will be able to install one in a matter of minutes in some cases, and you will be provided with duplicate keys so that you will always be able to get back inside.

Padlock Norcross

If you have children that go to school and they are keeping everything that is in their locker safe with a padlock on the outside, it is possible that they may forget their combination, or they may lose their key, depending upon the type of padlock that they own. Instead of getting bolt cutters in order to remove it, which will absolutely ruin it, you can instead have a locksmith come out to the school. Additionally, if you have a padlock on a to will shed that you own at your home, or if there is one at your place of business, these individuals will be able to open them up in many cases without having to destroy the lock.

Video Doorbell Norcross

Another great security feature that you should have on your home is called a video doorbell. You can purchase these for, on average, $100, depending upon which manufacturer they are from, and their capabilities. When a person rings the doorbell, similar to the old-style peepholes that are on many doors today, you will instead have a video image which will be displayed on your computer, smart phone, or tablet computer, so that you can see who is outside. A locksmith will be able to quickly install one of these, test it, and then show you how it works. This is a great way to prevent opening the door by mistake when you think it is someone else.

Door Closer Norcross

If you have a large building, it is very common for a door closer to be attached to the upper part of door. This prevents the door from inadvertently staying open, and a locksmith will be able to install these very easily. These are excellent for schools, business offices, or any place where having the doors close after a person needs is a matter of security. This can prevent doors from staying open accidentally which could actually allow people to get into restricted areas, and it may also pose a safety problem if criminals get inside.

Intercom System Norcross

Another security feature that should be installed at your home or office is an intercom system. We are all familiar with baby monitors, if we have had children, and these are very similar in design. It allows you to talk to people that are outside of your door prior to unlocking it. If you have an automated system by which the door can be unlocked remotely, the intercom system will complement this security measure by allowing you to not only talk to the person that is outside, but if cameras are also installed in part of the system, you can see who is there before unlocking the door.

Safe Norcross

A great way to protect your most valuable documentation is to install a safe. Some of these can be installed in a wall, in the floor, and there are also smaller ones that are portable. A locksmith is able to choose the appropriate location for a safe before doing the installation. They are also able to open a safe, in most cases, if you have forgotten the combination or lost the key, allowing you to retrieve the documents that are so valuable that would otherwise have been lost.

Gun Safe Norcross

If you are a collector of guns, especially expensive ones, or perhaps you have guns that have been in the family for over 100 years, this might be the best way to protect them, not only from the best, but in case a fire or flood occurs. In the same way that a regular safe has the ability to withstand a significant amount of heat caused by a fire, so also will a gun safe do the same. This could prevent you from losing your guns if there is a catastrophic incident at your home or office, preventing them from being damaged.

Wall Safe Norcross

When you go to a hotel, most people will lock their valuables inside of a wall safe. This is something that should also be installed at your office and home. These are typically very small, and are elevated above the ground, allowing you to open them up while standing. These are used to the same capacity that a regular safe is utilized, typically to prevent paper documentation or even money from being damaged by fire or flood.

Floor Safe Norcross

A floor safe is a very good idea, especially if you do not have a lot of room in your walls, and you would prefer not having the safe visible. It is possible for a criminal to visually see a safe, and then attach a chain around the safe, and pull it right out of your home. However, if the safe is not visible because it is in the floor, covered by your carpet or a rug, this can add that extra bit of protection because they will not be able to see it if they are able to get into your home.

Gate Lock & Gate Opener in Norcross

If you have an automatic gate that is outside of your house, or one that leads into your place of business, it is good to automate the gate to some degree. Although you could have a manual gate, these can actually be modified to be automatic and a locksmith will be able to install the proper apparatus. In the same way that you will open up your garage door using a remote control, the same is true for a gate lock and gate opener.

Keyless Entry System in Norcross

A keyless entry system is something that you can use on your vehicle, something that can be operated using a device that hangs on your keychain, or you can even do this with an application on your phone. These are very similar to devices that are able to start your car without actually having to be in it. They work with Bluetooth technology, and a locksmith will be able to install this in your vehicle without any problems at all.

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